Our Partners

“Successful events start with successful partnerships with leading resources that serve the industry.”

Understanding that successful events are partnered and/or affiliated with leading publications, associations and organizations that serve those markets, EventEvolution is proud to be working hand-in-hand with the following partners to produce world-class events.

RB Publishing was founded in 1988. Since then it has evolved from a publishing company to a multi-media company with a focus on delivering valuable information Any Way You Want. Building on years of excellence in magazine publishing, we understood that our subscribers desired a broader range of information delivery and therefore, we continually invested in diversifying how we deliver information. We now use all available means to connect with our customers from face-to-face conferences to e-newsletters to RSS feeds, Podcasts and video streams to, of course, the printed word along with digital versions of the publications. And as future technologies become available, we will use those conduits to reach our customers.

Tech Briefs Media Group is publisher of NASA Tech Briefs, an official NASA magazine reporting technology breakthroughs that engineers can apply to solve their design challenges and create new products across a wide range of industries. Through print and digital magazines, e-newsletters, Web sites, and events, Tech Briefs Media Group reaches over 600,000 engineers and managers worldwide.

|BFMA, or the Business Forms Management Association, formed 50 years ago to address the unique educational and networking needs of forms designers and managers. With today’s technology, the forms function has broadened in scope to include everything from traditional paper forms to electronic data capture and the databases and applications that support it. Even after 50 years, you still won’t find such form-focused resources.